Lighthouse Productions

Lighthouse Productions
Traplet Publications Ltd.
Traplet House,
Willow End Park,
Blackmore Park Road,
WR13 6NN

General Enquiries: +44(0)1684 588560
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About Lighthouse Productions

Lighthouse Productions provides a cost-effective and highly flexible solution to your DVD and web media creation needs.

We believe that the key to successful video production is to get to the heart of the subject, so we work closely with our customers to present the material in the most interesting and informative way. This can be anything from simply recording events as they happen to using professional actors and voice-over artists to get your message across. To bring your ideas to life, we combine the latest widescreen digital production methods with many years of production experience, gained at locations all over the world.

We guide you through the whole production process, from initial planning to final delivery, to ensure that your project is completed to your full satisfaction, on time and at a very competitive cost.